Alan Jones Mind Coach

 “A wizard is someone who has amassed wisdom through experience.
Wizards learn to think for themselves and to question everything.

They are agents of change, unafraid to explore and think differently.”

Tobias Beckwith

“Alan is a real wizard - he will transform the way you perceive reality”
Jeff Mcbride

Alan Jones 

Motivational Speaker
Personal Alchemist
Change Wizard

07714 323 934


Wizardry - Engaging in creative, critical and playful thinking which leads to an exploration of possibilities thus provoking and promoting personal and organizational change...

Dr Alan Jones PhD
   Director Inspire NLP 

Through positive communication, genuine listening and a desire to engage in creative, critical and playful thinking I undertake to work to inspire and seek inspiration from others.
Dr Alan Jones moved to Cornwall some 25 years ago after working on a number of educational projects in London. An initial degree in Earth Sciences and Post-Graduate Certificate in Education led to work within the Inner London Education Authority and subsequently in more specific youth focused work with Ed Berman's  InterAction UK where he helped develop youth-work based awards in IT (NICAS certification). This led to project managing the Interface (Youth and Computer) Project in South East London.

Developing an active interest in Psychology Alan trained as Hypnotherapist which led him to undertake courses in Counselling culminating in a PhD in Psychology.

He trained in NLP (Neuro-Linguistc Progamming) with the founders of this approach and today is Director of Inspire NLP. Further personal training and accreditations In De Bono Thinking Skills, Solutions Focused Approaches, Stress Management and Psychological Profiling provide Alan with a diverse and somewhat unique mindset.

With such an interest in human perception and behaviour, it was perhaps inevitable that he would explore the world of magical illusion and in particular that area of the art known as mentalism. Winning several awards for his work in this area Alan has performed on Radio, TV and Stage.

As a therapist and counsellor Alan has explored aspects of what is known as Transpersonal Psychology and has developed a specific interest in those areas of subjective experience some would call spiritual others may call ‘psychic’ or paranormal.

Alan now brings these, apparently diverse experiences into his work as a Motivational speaker and Mind Coach. He delivers workshops and talks on what could best be described as Human Potential – encouraging audiences to be inspired by their own possibilities and challenge their perceived limitations.

  Qualifications & CPD

2016      Accredited Trainer & Life Time Member  International Hypnosis Association
2016      Accredited Trainer                                                                International Hypnosis Federation
2016      Psychology of Criminal Profiling                                   Level 3
2015      Assessors Qualification                                                      QandA
2012      Psychological Insights on Buddhist Meditation    Harvard (USA) Distance Learning
2011      Certificate : Introduction to Parapsychology          Koestler Institute, Edinburgh University
2009      Solutions Focus Best Practice Training                       Inst.NLP
2008      Voice Coaching Certificate                                               Beyond Relating
2004      New Code NLP                                                                       John Grinder (co-developer NLP)
2003      De Bono Thinking Skills Consultant                            Edward de Bono/Atkey Solutions
2003      Certified Listening Programme Provider                  TLP/NACD
2002      Diploma in Performance Coaching                               Newcastle College
2000      Diploma in Stress Management                                     Centre Parallel Therapies
1997      NLP Trainer Qualification                                                  Institute Neruo-Linguistic Psychology
1996      PhD Psychology                                                                       UCLA (USA)
1995      Master Practitioner NLP                                                     SNLP Approved
1994      Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Counselling              APH
1981      Post Graduate Certificate in Education                      Keele University
1980      BSc (Hons)                                                                                  Keele University
Experience, Projects and Achievements
2016 – Co-Founder & Director Hearts and Minds CIC
2014 Inspiring Human Potential Award
2013  - Founded the Cornwall School of Mystery and Magick
2012 - Tutor with Questions and Answers
2012 -  Advisor and Director for SMILE (Emotional Intelligence)
2012 – 2016 Director Penwith Radio
2010 Project Management funded training
2010 Tutor Cornwall School for Social Entrepreneurs (- 2011)
2010 Impact Evaluation Framework for SW Regional CPD
2010 Mentor for Penwith Community Development Trust
2009  - Presenter  Penwith Radio 
2009 Lead Trainer with the Institute NLP
2008 resident Mind Magician for BBC Radio Devon (- 2010)
2008 created Magic 4 Learning Project
2008 resident Mind Magician Seasons Holidays ( - 2011)
2007 resident Mind Magician Lands End Attraction ( - 2011)
2005 Innovation Award from University for learner motivation
2004 Innovation Award from University  for peer coaching

Professional Accreditation        & Memberships

RAP Testimonial courtsey students Truro College