Alan Jones Mind Coach

 “A wizard is someone who has amassed wisdom through experience.
Wizards learn to think for themselves and to question everything.

They are agents of change, unafraid to explore and think differently.”

Tobias Beckwith

“Alan is a real wizard - he will transform the way you perceive reality”
Jeff Mcbride

Alan Jones 

Motivational Speaker
Personal Alchemist
Change Wizard

07714 323 934

  1. Conference Key Note
    Communication Magic Entertaining & Thought Provoking Psychology Non-Verbal Communucation Mind Games & Mentalism
  2. Motivational Speaking
    You Are Amazing ! A look at how you, the individual, can become an architect of change, a personal alchemist and define meaningful personal goals
  3. Workshops
    A range of One/Two Day Workshops Transformational Journeys Change Management Inspirational Leadership Mindfulness & Resilience
Personal Alchemist & Change Wizard - Transforming Minds
Personal, Professional, Business Development
It is perhaps somewhat trite to make the statement that 'the only constant in the Unverse is Change' but be that as it may it does not affect the fact that it is true. So with that as a given the  challenge is about defining, managing and communicating that change in personal, professional and business terms.

So what skills does Alan bring to the table?

He is an NLP Trainer, Hypnotherapist, Psychologist, Educationalist,  De Bono Thinking Skills Consultant and Mind Magician (Mentalist).

He has also authored books and artciles on Mindfulness, Change Manegement, Emotional Intelligence and Literacy, Thinking Skills, Coaching, NLP, Hypnosis, Shamanism, Hypnotic Regression, Leadership, Coaching, Accelerated Learning and Mind Magic,​

There keys to success ...
     There are patterns ...

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Happy to have supported these businesses

Find Out How Alan Can Help You

Alan was invited and joined with us at our year start meeting with our Xerox Direct Sales Staff and Marketing team meeting. Alan’s experience to deliver a spell binding, entertaining, motivation speech was extraordinary.

The use of NLP, combine with his magical skills, he captured the audience and made a very memorable and enjoyable kick start meeting. Furthermore, Alan was able to adapt his skills set to align his presentation and audience engagement with our sales message.

Alan is a great character, friendly and professional I would have no hesitation what so ever in recommending Alan. If you are looking for someone as a professional presenter, motivational speaker or trainer coach to develop training to suit your audience you would be well pressed to find anyone with his range of ability and applied skills.

Pat Johnson Xerox UK

Confrence & Corporate Events
Staff Training
Being Entertained whilst Being Inspired

Award Winning Mentalist and Psychological Illusionist

Suitable for all Company and Promotional Gatherings
Leadership : Communication Skills

Presentation Skills : Train the Trainer : Thinking Skills

Business, Education & Personal 

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